Thursday, October 28, 2010

James Lee Stanley and Donna Frost Sept 26, 2010

I always listen to my supporters and my performers when it comes to choices for our stage here at Webb House Concerts. Donna Frost told me that "there is nothing that James Lee can't do with that guitar and his voice" and she was right. He is charming, gracious and oh so talented...bringing a special something to his performance that appealed to every member of that audience. Several "first timers" to house concerts are now total fans of both James Lee Stanley and the concept of house concerts after just this one show.
Evidence of his talent and the esteem in which his peers in our Austin music community hold amazing song circle followed the show, several of our great local Austin musicians, Donna Frost's crew from Nashville...there to pick with James Lee Stanley...a true symphony of acoustic guitars! One of those moments when you find you're holding your breath, just so you don't break into perfection.
As a houseguest, he cooks, he cleans, he shares his expertise on puzzles and the dog adored him...what more could you want? Extraordinary talent, a great artist of his crafts, and always welcome at Webb House Concerts.

Donna Frost is always at the top of her game, this show just a little (ha!) awe struck at being on the same stage, in my backyard as it were..., with James Lee Stanley. Her mentor, and hero when it comes to performing around the country as a touring musician. James Allen , her guitar slinger buddy from Nashville, came to Austin for the show this time...and joined the song circle as well. I loved hearing from him about the unselfish talent in that song circle, and how much it impressed him to hear musicians at that level just hand off licks and lyrics without showcasing themselves...sharing the music.

Many thanks to James Lee Stanley and Donna Frost for setting the bar for a great fall of music in Austin, Texas at Webb House Concerts! We continued the next weekend at SWRFA, sharing a showcase room with Puff Bunny Records and Taylor Pie...and then the Austin Acoustical Cafe appearance of Taylor Pie, with our Austin favorites, Dan Hardick and Suzee Brooks opening the!