Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spring Schedule and Holiday wishes!!

Busy days, just a moment to post our spring schedule...

Feb 28th, Jason Wilber!! he's in town with John Prine at the Bass Concert Hall on Feb 27th, and in our living room, possibly the back yard...you know Texas weather! on Sunday the 28th! (Limited seating if we are indoors.) DC Bloom will open, this will be a great, great show!!

March 28th, my buddy Donna Frost is in town, and Maria Moss & Jon Hogan will join her in the back yard!! Donna's shows are always a lively concert and Maria and Jon will just be icing on the cake! Donna also will be at the South Austin brain rehab while she's here, two shows! possibly Maria & Jon as well, more later...

April 25th, MJ Bishop & Steve Brooks, starting a Texas SW tour schedule and helping me celebrate my birthday, one more year!! Really looking forward to this one!!

May 23rd...Austin's own George Ensle!! I'm really excited that my son is stationed close by to hear George's show this time, he enjoyed the videos of George's last show, sent by youtube to Iraq. George always has a superb show, and makes the birds dance behind him!

that's it for now, back to Christmas! Webb House Concerts wishes all a Merry Christmas with family and friends, and a wonderful New Year's!!
Karen & the Rose!

ps...Check the wishlist for soldiers at http://www.foxsox.com and send a Marine, soldier, sailor, airman a little gift that they will truly appreciate! Foxsox will ship it to Iraq or Afghanistan for you for free.

webbhouseconcerts@yahoo.com for reservations.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nov 1st Taylor Pie w/Eben Wood

Mo McMorrow to open
Pot luck at 5pm
Music at 6pm
Song circle follows performances!

As a teenager then known as Susan Taylor, Taylor Pie recorded a song called, "Time", and it hit the 1 slot in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, followed by four albums on Columbia with the Pozo-Seco Singers.

Her soulful messages tap into familiar feelings that unlock forgotten memories. It is no wonder that Bette Midler, Tanya Tucker, Mickey Gilley, The Forester Sisters, Terri Hendrix, Ruby Lovett, and Valerie Smith have recorded her works. "Just Like Angels", written with Dickey Lee was nominated for the gospel Dove Award, and "Full Grown Fool" written with Allen Reynolds, landed Mickey Gilley a Country top 20.

Her PuffBunny Records, cd, "So Little Has Changed," and live album, "Live at Hondo's" with Eben Wood are in rotation on Americana stations and Satellite X radio.

As Eileen Kuperschmid wrote for the Berkshire Sampler: "Whether she's talking or singing, Taylor Pie's worth listening to. She's clear, real clear- with a mother lode of honesty and a voice as pure and light as it is strong."

so...at the summer show with Pie and Eben...it was too hot for the yard...and Cafe Caffeine graciously hosted us! great opening music by Byrd and Street..with the amazing Greg Whitfield! then...watching the guitar players in the audience sit up to take notice of Eben's picking...and then move to see him better! With every ear turned towards Taylor Pie's voice... yeah, nothing's changed since back in the day in Corpus Christi...Taylor Pie is still the amazing voice of true folk and clear, pure lyrics...and Eben is still one of the best pickers around! hope you make a point to come listen...we'll have some fun! and finally, this wonderful duo will be playing right in our back yard at Webb House Concerts!
Mo McMorrow
Mo McMorrow is working on her new CD...she says she is so happy with the cameo performances of solo artists of Ray Bonneville, Gurf Morlix, Eliza Gilkyson, Cindy Cashdollar, and Sharon Shannon (Ireland) to name only some. She'll start us off with some of those new songs on Sunday, Nov 1.
Join us for the pot luck if you like, non alcoholic beverages provided, so bring your own adult beverage.
We love children! but at this concert, no kids under 12, thank you!
email webbhouseconcerts@yahoo.com for map and info

Shake Russell Sept 25

Shake Russell with Doug Floyd on mandolin and Mike Roberts on acoustic bass! The trio's contemporary acoustic arrangements, coupled with melodic three-part harmonies, create a unique, modern sound for those classic Shake Russell songs.For more than three decades, Texas singer-songwriter Shake Russell has been entertaining audiences throughout the region with his unique, Americana style of folk-rock. A prolific songwriter, Shake has written or co-written hundreds of melodies.


Okay, that's the bio, but let's be real, SHAKE RUSSELL!!! is going to be playing right in our backyard! A sweet starry Texas night, under the trees and our Texas moon! How cool is this? Our wonderful Patty Finney will be doing an opening set, so come on time to make sure you hear every single drop of music on this special night!

As always, potluck if you want to participate and eat anyway if you don’t… non-alcoholic beverages provided

Bring your own adult beverage!

RSVP to webbhouseconcerts@yahoo.com for a map!

This will be held outdoors, weather permitting, if the weather is shaky, rsvp's will get first shot at the limited indoor seating.

Artists will have CDs and merchandise available for sale! Traditional WHC Song Posse Song Circle after performances.

We love children! but none under age 12 at this show, thanks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

George Ensle with Stephan Paetzold at Webb House Concert's Singer/songwriter Night at Ruta Maya July 16th, 2009.

A wonderful night of songs and singers, Mo McMorrow, Jana Pochop with Emily Shirley and DC Bloom completed the cast...plus a great song circle followed...Bob Cheevers, Kit Holmes and Will T Massey joined in!
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

House Concerts 101

This is a repost from Visible Voices...but I have folks that ask questions about house concerts and this MAY answer a few! please use the comment section to ask questions, and I will be delighted to respond! There are also many, many sites on the web that describe how others do their house concerts, as well as Fran Snyders House Concerts in Your Home site.

They told me I could do it. "have a house concert" they said...my musician friends wanted to perform...my other friends were willing to listen!

First thing you always think when you hear the words house concert in relation to your own home is "my house is too small." Let's get over that myth right now. One thing music does in a small space is create intimacy, a mood, a magic that makes you sometime realize that you are holding your breath so that you don't miss the next lyric...and then realize, you are NOT in a bar, or a restaurant...no clanging, no voices, no kids at the next table at full pitch...it's the music. And in a house concert it surrounds you. Your house is not too small.I work in catering and event planning, so granted, I am a little more versed in the ways of venues, musicians and logistics of things like this...but this is MY house! so, I do get a little nervous. Actually, usually it's my back yard...I have neighbors that have no problem pulling up a chair on their back porches, popping a beer and listening along with those in the audience. The little rise in the yard by the fence is the "stage" and I drag every chair I own, and many that my neighbors own to the yard, all in rows. The musicians use small sound systems...not my problem, their gig. At my house concerts, I do a potluck... altho many venues only offer non alcoholic drinks (I usually do a fruited lemonade) and maybe some snacks. I do my concerts on Sunday, so my catering friends bring leftovers from Saturday night! as well as generous guests fill in the edges with other goodies. If a guest wants to enjoy wine or cold beer, bring it along, not a problem.

I set the buffet in the house...the bar as well...on the porch is the merch table, each artist has CDs, T shirts etc to sell. I ask for a donation of $10-15, more if you can, less if you can't...and all the money goes to the musicians. I've been setting up a tip jar, I'm thinking of collecting at the door, then it's done.Base rule for house concerts: It's about the music. Conversation in the audience is just not allowed...at my concerts, in the house, with the door shut, you can eat, chat, visit...the backyard is music only. We take a break in the middle, then encourage everyone to return to their seats before the next set starts up.And the music! it makes it all worth while! clear lyrics, sweet melody... stories about the songs, why they were written...who inspired the thought....harmonies flowing over your head and into your heart. It's a miracle way to hear our wonderful Austin musicians, there is nothing else like it. We are the Live Music Capitol of the World...and this is the best way I know to support it.

My first concert featured Donna Frost, from Nashville, TN opening for Austin's Byrd & Street, a perfect combination! They've done this show twice so far, with wonderful song circles following each one. Webb House Concerts has followed with Cowboy Johnson, Amanda Pearcy, Steve Brooks, Paula Held...and a couple of song circles just because we could...next up is Ladies w/Lyrics...four women with their guitars and their voices...Donna Frost, Amanda Pearcy, MJ Bishop and Leeann Antherton! right in my own back yard!

Leeann throws one heck of a house concert herself here in South Austin...the Full Moon Barn Dance!

I do this...you can too...

Find my house concert pictures at : www.myspace.com/webbhouseconcerts and also on Webb House Blogspot

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Webb House Concert Schedule

May 17th
George Ensle comes to our backyard before heading to Kerrville to perform at the Folk festival...with Tom Tranchilla opening the show....then sit back for two sets by George! George Ensle has a touch of his personal empathy for others in each of his songs, bringing to life everyday folks with love and compassion...allowing us all to feel part of one another, but still celebrating our individuality. In today's tough, tough times...a reviewer wrote of George "Ensle paints with the brush of hope." I just like the way that sounds. He also was 2008 Texas Music Award nominee for Singer/Songwriter...he's co-written with Blaze Foley, Hal Ketchum, this man has talent! Still some spots left, do not miss this one!!

June 14th!

Kathy Street and Tommy Byrd will join me in welcoming Taylor Pie to South Austin! Byrd & Street, w/Greg Whitfield, will share the bill with Pie and my old friend, Eben Wood. Besides the obvious enjoyment of hearing the song writing skills of Tommy and Pie, I am so looking forward to hearing Greg and Eben show their talent on their guitars!

Taylor Pie and Eben are from my home town of Corpus Christi...back in the day when Pie was known as Susan Taylor, from the Pozo Seco Singers ("Time") with Don Williams and Lofton Kline..and Eben was gaining his reputation as "the best" on the Texas Gulf Coast, playing with most of the local bands and having musicians and fans drive in from all over Texas to watch him perform. The 40 years since has not dulled Pie's voice, her song writing integrity or her smile...and Eben uses that unique finger picking of his to bring more than his share to any show!

Byrd & Street, nominees for the Texas Music Academy Duo of the Year Award, as well as pulling in all the recognition that a songwriter of Tommy's caliber does (this year a finalist at Kerrville Folk Festival for the New Folk award) have developed a style unique to them, with harmonies equal to the lyrics. Lyrical stories come to life, with the amazing talent of Greg Whitfield's guitar to lead and follow the threads of the story line. Having the opportunity to hear this duo in a house concert setting is a special treat to those of us who fight the restaurants and bar noise so often to catch a gig!

For a full size version of this video, check our myspace This version didn't shrink to fit...

Save a date:

Greg Whitfield, July 26th! Greg is a very talented singer/songwriter in his own right, and will share his tunes and his songs with us!We are all looking forward to a whole night of Greg showcasing his work!!

Korn Poneys, aka Suzee Brooks and Dan Hardick...Sept 20! These two are part of Fingerpistol who have a CD that I have truly enjoyed, but not as much as hearing these two in the WHC song circles the last couple of concerts! I CANNOT wait to hear them do a whole show!

email Webb House Concerts at webbhouseconcerts@yahoo.com for more information and a map! We love kids, but none under 12 for these performances! Potluck, if you want...and non alcoholic drinks provided, but feel free to bring your own adult beverage! Just remember, it's a low alcohol concert event, not a party. We LISTEN!

Song circle follows performances...c'mon by...

see you soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ladies with Lyrics 2009

It was a lovely day...all day long and it just got better and better! MJ Bishop, Amanda Pearcy, Leeann Atherton and my bud Donna Frost! how much talent can four women throw at an audience?

Donna makes to Texas twice a year..Austin, Houston, College Station...and MJ is on her Americana Tour...headed around the country with two stops in Texas, this one and the Kerrville Folk Festival. Amanda is becoming a favorite at venues all over Austin and she and her husband, Cowboy Johnson, have been a big support to WHConcerts! Leeann Atherton is a seasoned house concert performer and hostess...her Barn Dances at her home are legendary...as is she. I have more video, I'm gettin' to it fast as I can...and will post more sometime.

This was just so much fun, we had a great audience and a terrific song circle following, with Amanda's son stepping up to join the pros, and doing a hell of a job. Dan Hardick from Fingerpistol, Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street, Mo McMorrow, Sandy McLain, Cowboy...it's always my favorite time..relaxing after being the hostess!


Thanks to all these lovely talented women...and the audience that shows up every time to listen and support our live music in Austin, TX...

Next one up? George Ensle on May 17th!!! Tom Tranchilla is opening! George on his way to Kerrville...

After Kerrville, on June 14th, Byrd & Street, with Greg Whitfield will help us welcome Taylor Pie and Eben Wood to our south Austin house concert venue. Taylor Pie, formerly Susan Taylor all those years ago in Corpus Christi when she was part of the Pozo Seco Singers with Don Williams and Lofton Kline, is now living near Nashville where she is putting together her own venue. Eben, our old high school bud, is an amazing guitar player from the day, I cannot wait to see Eben and Greg Whitfield on the same night on my stage at Webb House Concerts. Pie's voice is even better, if that's possible. She is a phenomenal song writer, songs that can be interpreted in very personal ways, making her lyrics part of your life. Pie and Eben will be in Fredricksburg at Hondo's the week before for a CD party for their CD recorded live at Hondo's last year. She will be at the Bugle Boy in La Grange on June 12.

Speaking of that, this weekend, on Friday April 24th, Byrd & Street, w/Greg Whitfield will be at the Bugle Boy as well. They will be on their way to Palestine, TX for the Texas Music Awards where they are nominated for Duo/Group of the Year. We wish them all the best on that Sunday! Tommy Byrd is a finalist in the New Folk songwriters contest at the Kerrville Folk Festival, performing on May 23rd.

If you ever have the opportuntity to hear any or all of these Ladies w/Lyrics...do not miss it, each has a talent and voice to share with you....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I saw a miracle today...

that's the note I wrote to myself over my busy music days in March...trying to not forget the blog thoughts I had..but no worry here. A miracle.

My nephew is a brain injury survivor. In a moment of a car crash, lives changed and one ended...and Leland ended up in brain injury rehabs across our state. The Brown School, right out here on Dittmar, in the Bluebonnet unit just 5 minutes away was his home for several months back then. I've written about that time in other blogs, today I write about the music, and how it heals.

At Christmas, Laurie Freelove, a local musician, asked Byrd and Street to do a Christmas carol show for the kids at what was the Brown School, now Texas Neuro and I tagged along. Just driving down that driveway was more emotional than I realized it would be, so many days I made that drive, sometimes four or five times in one day, sometimes alone, sometimes with Matt..even Boomer came along sometime. He was a big dog with a big heart and he could take the big pets and love them.

The kids in the audience were young to old teens...some brain injury survivors, or other neurological diagnoses. And they love to sing! I'm not sure Tommy and Kathy expected to do Santa Claus is coming to town four times, but hey! it was a hit and it was a very enthusiastic sing along every single time.

It was a natural thing to ask Donna Frost to sing for those kids...she's as real as they come and those kids would love her...so one Friday afternoon we headed out there..driving down that drive, we spotted the kids in the bluebonnets across those rolling hills...getting spring time Texas photos. Soon, she was up in front of them in the little art and music room. Bless her for learning words to a George Strait song the night before! and I Love Rock and Roll! the enthusiasm was contagious, and loud! Drift Away, truly beautiful voices, I have a video of it, but for privacy reasons cannot post it.

And our miracle...a dad coming all the way from Alaska where he works, to visit his son..about 12-14 years old, I guess. Autistic, I assume. Very to himself, but trying. Dad, sitting next to him, keeping his hands in his lap, when you could feel how much he just wanted to hug that kid..but he knew the ropes. He sat and the kid sat...and they listened to Donna's songs. And a toe started tapping...she connected. and time passed and all of a sudden I looked over...and that boy's arm had come up around his dad's back...and didn't leave. He reached out. He held on. And when that dad shook my hand and thanked us for coming, he was close to tears as he told us it was the best visit he'd had with his son in quite some time. He reached out. He held on.

I saw a miracle today, I wrote that night. Reminded myself of all the miracles I had seen at that school and other rehabs as we tried to bring our Leland back to his old self, and learned how to love his new self just as much.

Music heals.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, time is aflyin'....keep thinking I need to do the blog...and more stuff just keeps happening! Life just gets in the way...

Okay..SXSW...I have a somewhat perverted view of SXSW...it's spring break, my regular catering work dies and I hit High Beam Events to party manage for them. Their client is SXSW...do the official parties from day one. So, I started with a breakfast with folks from the UK here for Interactive stuff on SXSW, then on to the Lanai for Custard Records. Note to self: remind all to go to the Lanai..absolutely one of the finest, most professional bar staff and team I have ever, ever worked with! Just amazing! My final gig with High Beam was the underage bands..a showcase of about a dozen bands at Momo's. And, yeah, I loved those guys from Momo's as well, because they did not have to kill one underage "I'm with the band" kid. Not one. Now those folks are pros! Truly, these kids were mostly sweethearts...one the son of an old friend from back in the day in Corpus Christi, when all we knew were underage and barely aged bands. So, it was pretty interesting, over all. Check out some videos from Momo's that day. Some really good talent there, and some kids that make you remember what life was about when all you had was a dream and your future in front of you.

Here at home, I had a young man from Seattle come to board while he ran himself all over SXSW, both as a volunteer and a fan! His name is Rich, and he was a darlin'. Certainly here in South Austin, both my little dog and I thought so! I think my Rosie thought I finally had brought her the buddy I keep promising her...and by the line up of toys she left outside Rich's door every night, I'm sure she thought he was there just to play with her.
Introduced Rich to Tommy Byrd, and they had a great visit...Tommy's house on a bad day is a treasure trove of stuff to pursue, and a young musician like Rich had a blast, taking photos and talking music with Tommy. Then Rich went on that schedule only the young can do...late nights out and up early mornings, to volunteer and go hear all that SXSW has to offer...a day off and then Rich went off to New Orleans for a few days, then back for supper and a new song he shared with Donna Frost and me...and back to Seattle! Nice guy, I hope he drops by again the next time he's in Austin. I have a feeling he'll be back...it's a young musician's dream town.

I did get out and about to hear some music during SXSW...I'll post it later...
SXSW can be good for Austin, but not necessarily for our local musicians, but all in all, I just don't know if there's such a thing as too much music.

More later about the house concert, and Donna's special time on a wonderful day with some kids that just deserve the attention she gave them...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take a little South Carolina charm and add a big Texas heart and meet Leeann Atherton, one of the nicest and friendliest Texas southern belles you would ever want to meet who is now one of Austin's own singer/songwriter treasures. This lady can sing it all, all night long and still have audiences beggin' for more! We are so happy she's in the debut performance of Ladies with Lyrics!

A native of Nashville, Donna Frost is the real deal, Diverse in her music, from Nashville punk to Americana... she’s clearly fond of telling stories relying on her voice and her guitar talent to convey assorted messages of love, loss, life and hope. Her semi-annual Texas tours has made her a WHC regular performer and fan favorite.

"Her music is incredibly full of beautiful, haunting Texas soul, it aches and soothes at the same time. ." is one description of south Austin's Amanda Pearcy. She has stories to tell, and her poignant lyrics lead you there with sweet emotion. This woman has a heart as big as Texas, and a smile that can light the world!

"Superb poetically written lyrics which blend beautifully with her silken honeyed voice". MJ Bishop is an acoustic folk Americana artist who has performed steadily since 1998 in and around Seattle and across the US...Our venue is one stop on her Wild Blue Americana Yonder Tour 2009!

Singer/songwriter Ken Gaines listened when I pitched this concert at his performance at another Austin house concert, then came to me and told me that this was a phenomenal lineup of women singer/songwriters! I already knew that but I like being told I'm right!!

You can link to each of these performers by going to: Webb House Concerts myspace

I hope you join us in my backyard to hear each one of these talented women, we're so looking forward to Sunday March 29th and sharing it with you.

Potluck like always, but not required! Bring your adult beverage of choice, we provide non-alcoholic drinks. We love children, but for this concert, no kids under 12 please!

We're suggesting a $20 donation for this one,
more if you can and less if you can't..all donations go to the musicians
Merch tables and CD's for each artist available.

Gate will open at 5, music starts around 6.
Open song circle after Ladies w/Lyrics performance.

RSVP Please!
map and directions available
email webbhouseconcerts@yahoo.com

Thanks for your support!!

Promoting Austin music All the time...it's right in our own backya
Webb House Concerts myspace

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sundays at the Bugle Boy!

Barry Whitfill

Amanda, Lane & Chris

Kim & Karen

1051 N. Jefferson St. (Hwy 77)
La Grange, Texas 78945

The Bugle Boy

Step one...go to the link and check the schedule...step two, grab a buddy, it's a drive for good conversation.. and three..get in the car and go!

Be prepared, you're going to hear some damn fine music, with the cream of the crop of Texas artists all vying for a spot on that little stage. You're also going to be sitting in an audience with fans that know how to listen, it's truly a listening venue. Established by Lane Gosney in a an old WWII barracks (there's even a metal bathtub in the office bathroom!), the Bugle Boy has established itself as prime listening property, right on Hwy 77 in La Grange, TX.

Lane started having Show Case Sundays, to give not quite as well known performers, or perhaps someone new to the area an opportunity to win a cash prize as well as to perform in the Best of Showcase Concert where the big prize is performing in the Bugle Boy Anniversary Show each January. She has 3 judges, one from the music industry, one is a performer that has performed on her stage and the third is a venue owner...and house concerts qualify! I was very honored when Lane asked me to participate.

And I'm not lying when I say it's probably one of the hardest things I've ever done! Ten performers, performing two of their own songs, right after another, with a break in the middle...and then we meet to figure out three top "winners"...who come out to perform another song each...and then, again...we meet to figure out a "winner"!

There is a reason Central Texas holds the title of "Live Music Capitol"...we draw the best of the best to this area. Young, old, male, female, Americana, country...a little Townes type thrown in, it was a smörgåsbord of exceptional sound and lyrics. Four hours, twenty-three songs...you really should have been there.

Havilah Our Winner on Sunday!

Others on the stage, in no particular order:
Steve Power
Nick Verzosa
Amanda Pearcy
Jana Pochop
Beth Kille
Chris Brecht
Monica Wright
Barry Whitfill (no web site provided, email address on request)

The photos above include Barry Whitfill, on the patio tuning up! and then Amanda Pearcy, with Lane behind the counter and Chris Brecht. The ladies are Mandy Rowden, from Girl Guitar, Havilah, Kim Miller and me on the end. Mandy and Kim were my fellow judges that day, you can get acquainted fairly quickly when you have smart women all with opinions! But Havilah was sensational, I'm sure all the other contestants were not surprised.

You can hear all of those with web sites or myspace sites on those links. Have a listen...and imagine hearing all of those fine performers in 4 hours...23 songs. Who would you have chosen?

Friday, Feb 27, you can catch my favorites on that Bugle Boy stage...Greg Whitfield George Ensle and Freddie Fuller.It is well worth that drive!!

Greg has been on our "stage" here at WHC and will be here again this summer, while George is set for May 17th, right in my own back yard. Amanda Pearcy will join Donna Frost, MJ Bishop and Leeann Atherton on March 29th here at WHC for Ladies W/Lyrics. MJ will also perform at Bugle Boy on that trip down from Seattle.

Kim Miller will be in the round with MARVIN DYKHUIS & BETTY SOO on Saturday Feb 28 at the Bugle Boy.

It'd be a mighty good weekend to start your visits to the Bugle Boy...say hello to Lane and tell her Webb House Concerts sent you.

and thanks to her for bringing Bugle Boy alive...just wait until you hear...

but remember...loose lips sink ships...it's a LISTENING venue.

Friday, February 13, 2009

South Austin Music

It was quite a crew that filled up the Waterloo in south Austin last night...all on hand to give Kathy Street and Tommy Byrd some congrats and good wishes...as well as their votes for Texas Music Awards nominee Byrd & Street for Best Duo/Group in Texas!

Joined by the tremendous talent of Greg Whitfield on lead guitar, Tommy and Kathy gave the crowd a taste of the new CD, Love Broke the Fall...plus many of the favorites of their Austin fans. As usual, tight harmony, solid melody and superb professionalism make Byrd & Street's performances of their original songs an evening to remember.

In the audience was Patty Finney, soon to release her CD just finished at Byrd House Studios, and another WHC favorite, Sandy McLain.

Greg Whitfield, a phenomenal singer/songwriter in his own right, will be here at WHC sometime this summer.

You can find the work of most Austin musicians, like Byrd & Street, at cdbaby.com.

To learn more about the Texas Music Awards (and to vote for Byrd & Street) go to Texas Music Awards for a list of nominees. Voting ends Feb 20.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wunderlich House Concert!

Just the other day... I perched on my chair, and realized I was on the edge, leaning forward to catch every single note as it floated by...in the dining room, peering into the living room at Ruth Wunderlich's...and on her impromptu stage...Karen Mal, sweet, petite..gorgeous and professional in the center, to her left the ever so handsome folk artist, Ken Gaines...and on her right, Butch Morgan, glowing smile... Karen played his straight man so well! It was an amazing performance...showing each off to their individual strengths. Butch is a showman, an entertainment pro...with a wealth of songs (and CD's..buy one right here!) to draw from...Ken, again the professional, with the generosity of heart to share his voice and guitar with Karen...and Karen Mal, my first time to hear her show!

When I was Three my first favorite of Mal's songs, just so tender live and in the quiet of respectful house concert audience...I just love that moment after a song like that...before the applause, as the song seeps into you...Gaines shows his folk roots, the story in the song, right or wrong to be decided, great verse in his rich voice, the melding of Mal's and his voices just so just right...add in Butch's guitar and his ability to make the song live enough for laughter, it was a perfect combination! After the break, Will Taylor from Strings Attached arrived, fresh and funny from working a wedding...and added that violin to the mix, who thought it could even get better?

Standing ovation at the end! well deserved and brought us another couple of songs...with Mal starting Good night Irene and ending it with all joining in ...including, did I hear Grace Pettis? the angel voice floating from the audience?

A special treat kind of night all the way around! Thank you Ruth!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Starting out

Webb House Concerts started in September 2007...the end result of moving into social networks...aka myspace and meeting Tommy Byrd and Donna Frost...plus reading, connecting with so many house concert venue operators, and the belief that I can do this. This is just not that hard...and really, except for the physical labor of getting ready....it is not. I admit if I wasn't a mom all these years, I'd give up some of that housecleaning crap that I do, but I'm just so darn well trained!

Austin musicians are ready to perform in the backyard and homes of folks willing to host concerts at a moment's notice...especially with those magic words "all donations go to the artists..." tacked on every handbill. To be fair, the opportunity to share their music, uninterrupted and without any chattering folks, rattling bottles and slamming doors, is the biggest draw. Listeners. Listening! To Every Word, every lyric, every note...and laughing with them if they screw up...it draws everyone in, the artist and the fan, the community of sharing that magic.

My plan for this blog is to share my concerts with readers, plus any other music that I wander around Austin to hear...reviews of a sort, I guess...some pictures thrown in.

My taste in music changes with the day sometimes, but at this point and living in this town, Americana roots...from folk to blues would be my favorite. My advancing years makes me love old R&B...what I consider the real stuff, with the BarKays, Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, Sam and Dave...which by the way, was my first REAL concert I ever went to as a teenager...omygawd. But here in Austin, I love our singer/songwriters, hearing a new song every time...it's truly a one of a kind performance when that happens.