Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, time is aflyin'....keep thinking I need to do the blog...and more stuff just keeps happening! Life just gets in the way...

Okay..SXSW...I have a somewhat perverted view of SXSW...it's spring break, my regular catering work dies and I hit High Beam Events to party manage for them. Their client is SXSW...do the official parties from day one. So, I started with a breakfast with folks from the UK here for Interactive stuff on SXSW, then on to the Lanai for Custard Records. Note to self: remind all to go to the Lanai..absolutely one of the finest, most professional bar staff and team I have ever, ever worked with! Just amazing! My final gig with High Beam was the underage bands..a showcase of about a dozen bands at Momo's. And, yeah, I loved those guys from Momo's as well, because they did not have to kill one underage "I'm with the band" kid. Not one. Now those folks are pros! Truly, these kids were mostly sweethearts...one the son of an old friend from back in the day in Corpus Christi, when all we knew were underage and barely aged bands. So, it was pretty interesting, over all. Check out some videos from Momo's that day. Some really good talent there, and some kids that make you remember what life was about when all you had was a dream and your future in front of you.

Here at home, I had a young man from Seattle come to board while he ran himself all over SXSW, both as a volunteer and a fan! His name is Rich, and he was a darlin'. Certainly here in South Austin, both my little dog and I thought so! I think my Rosie thought I finally had brought her the buddy I keep promising her...and by the line up of toys she left outside Rich's door every night, I'm sure she thought he was there just to play with her.
Introduced Rich to Tommy Byrd, and they had a great visit...Tommy's house on a bad day is a treasure trove of stuff to pursue, and a young musician like Rich had a blast, taking photos and talking music with Tommy. Then Rich went on that schedule only the young can do...late nights out and up early mornings, to volunteer and go hear all that SXSW has to offer...a day off and then Rich went off to New Orleans for a few days, then back for supper and a new song he shared with Donna Frost and me...and back to Seattle! Nice guy, I hope he drops by again the next time he's in Austin. I have a feeling he'll be back...it's a young musician's dream town.

I did get out and about to hear some music during SXSW...I'll post it later...
SXSW can be good for Austin, but not necessarily for our local musicians, but all in all, I just don't know if there's such a thing as too much music.

More later about the house concert, and Donna's special time on a wonderful day with some kids that just deserve the attention she gave them...

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