Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ladies with Lyrics 2009

It was a lovely day...all day long and it just got better and better! MJ Bishop, Amanda Pearcy, Leeann Atherton and my bud Donna Frost! how much talent can four women throw at an audience?

Donna makes to Texas twice a year..Austin, Houston, College Station...and MJ is on her Americana Tour...headed around the country with two stops in Texas, this one and the Kerrville Folk Festival. Amanda is becoming a favorite at venues all over Austin and she and her husband, Cowboy Johnson, have been a big support to WHConcerts! Leeann Atherton is a seasoned house concert performer and hostess...her Barn Dances at her home are legendary...as is she. I have more video, I'm gettin' to it fast as I can...and will post more sometime.

This was just so much fun, we had a great audience and a terrific song circle following, with Amanda's son stepping up to join the pros, and doing a hell of a job. Dan Hardick from Fingerpistol, Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street, Mo McMorrow, Sandy McLain, Cowboy...it's always my favorite time..relaxing after being the hostess!


Thanks to all these lovely talented women...and the audience that shows up every time to listen and support our live music in Austin, TX...

Next one up? George Ensle on May 17th!!! Tom Tranchilla is opening! George on his way to Kerrville...

After Kerrville, on June 14th, Byrd & Street, with Greg Whitfield will help us welcome Taylor Pie and Eben Wood to our south Austin house concert venue. Taylor Pie, formerly Susan Taylor all those years ago in Corpus Christi when she was part of the Pozo Seco Singers with Don Williams and Lofton Kline, is now living near Nashville where she is putting together her own venue. Eben, our old high school bud, is an amazing guitar player from the day, I cannot wait to see Eben and Greg Whitfield on the same night on my stage at Webb House Concerts. Pie's voice is even better, if that's possible. She is a phenomenal song writer, songs that can be interpreted in very personal ways, making her lyrics part of your life. Pie and Eben will be in Fredricksburg at Hondo's the week before for a CD party for their CD recorded live at Hondo's last year. She will be at the Bugle Boy in La Grange on June 12.

Speaking of that, this weekend, on Friday April 24th, Byrd & Street, w/Greg Whitfield will be at the Bugle Boy as well. They will be on their way to Palestine, TX for the Texas Music Awards where they are nominated for Duo/Group of the Year. We wish them all the best on that Sunday! Tommy Byrd is a finalist in the New Folk songwriters contest at the Kerrville Folk Festival, performing on May 23rd.

If you ever have the opportuntity to hear any or all of these Ladies w/Lyrics...do not miss it, each has a talent and voice to share with you....

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