Friday, February 6, 2009

Starting out

Webb House Concerts started in September 2007...the end result of moving into social networks...aka myspace and meeting Tommy Byrd and Donna reading, connecting with so many house concert venue operators, and the belief that I can do this. This is just not that hard...and really, except for the physical labor of getting is not. I admit if I wasn't a mom all these years, I'd give up some of that housecleaning crap that I do, but I'm just so darn well trained!

Austin musicians are ready to perform in the backyard and homes of folks willing to host concerts at a moment's notice...especially with those magic words "all donations go to the artists..." tacked on every handbill. To be fair, the opportunity to share their music, uninterrupted and without any chattering folks, rattling bottles and slamming doors, is the biggest draw. Listeners. Listening! To Every Word, every lyric, every note...and laughing with them if they screw draws everyone in, the artist and the fan, the community of sharing that magic.

My plan for this blog is to share my concerts with readers, plus any other music that I wander around Austin to of a sort, I guess...some pictures thrown in.

My taste in music changes with the day sometimes, but at this point and living in this town, Americana roots...from folk to blues would be my favorite. My advancing years makes me love old R&B...what I consider the real stuff, with the BarKays, Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, Sam and Dave...which by the way, was my first REAL concert I ever went to as a teenager...omygawd. But here in Austin, I love our singer/songwriters, hearing a new song every's truly a one of a kind performance when that happens.

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