Friday, February 13, 2009

South Austin Music

It was quite a crew that filled up the Waterloo in south Austin last night...all on hand to give Kathy Street and Tommy Byrd some congrats and good well as their votes for Texas Music Awards nominee Byrd & Street for Best Duo/Group in Texas!

Joined by the tremendous talent of Greg Whitfield on lead guitar, Tommy and Kathy gave the crowd a taste of the new CD, Love Broke the many of the favorites of their Austin fans. As usual, tight harmony, solid melody and superb professionalism make Byrd & Street's performances of their original songs an evening to remember.

In the audience was Patty Finney, soon to release her CD just finished at Byrd House Studios, and another WHC favorite, Sandy McLain.

Greg Whitfield, a phenomenal singer/songwriter in his own right, will be here at WHC sometime this summer.

You can find the work of most Austin musicians, like Byrd & Street, at

To learn more about the Texas Music Awards (and to vote for Byrd & Street) go to Texas Music Awards for a list of nominees. Voting ends Feb 20.

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