Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shake Russell Sept 25

Shake Russell with Doug Floyd on mandolin and Mike Roberts on acoustic bass! The trio's contemporary acoustic arrangements, coupled with melodic three-part harmonies, create a unique, modern sound for those classic Shake Russell songs.For more than three decades, Texas singer-songwriter Shake Russell has been entertaining audiences throughout the region with his unique, Americana style of folk-rock. A prolific songwriter, Shake has written or co-written hundreds of melodies.


Okay, that's the bio, but let's be real, SHAKE RUSSELL!!! is going to be playing right in our backyard! A sweet starry Texas night, under the trees and our Texas moon! How cool is this? Our wonderful Patty Finney will be doing an opening set, so come on time to make sure you hear every single drop of music on this special night!

As always, potluck if you want to participate and eat anyway if you don’t… non-alcoholic beverages provided

Bring your own adult beverage!

RSVP to for a map!

This will be held outdoors, weather permitting, if the weather is shaky, rsvp's will get first shot at the limited indoor seating.

Artists will have CDs and merchandise available for sale! Traditional WHC Song Posse Song Circle after performances.

We love children! but none under age 12 at this show, thanks!

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