Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nov 1st Taylor Pie w/Eben Wood

Mo McMorrow to open
Pot luck at 5pm
Music at 6pm
Song circle follows performances!

As a teenager then known as Susan Taylor, Taylor Pie recorded a song called, "Time", and it hit the 1 slot in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, followed by four albums on Columbia with the Pozo-Seco Singers.

Her soulful messages tap into familiar feelings that unlock forgotten memories. It is no wonder that Bette Midler, Tanya Tucker, Mickey Gilley, The Forester Sisters, Terri Hendrix, Ruby Lovett, and Valerie Smith have recorded her works. "Just Like Angels", written with Dickey Lee was nominated for the gospel Dove Award, and "Full Grown Fool" written with Allen Reynolds, landed Mickey Gilley a Country top 20.

Her PuffBunny Records, cd, "So Little Has Changed," and live album, "Live at Hondo's" with Eben Wood are in rotation on Americana stations and Satellite X radio.

As Eileen Kuperschmid wrote for the Berkshire Sampler: "Whether she's talking or singing, Taylor Pie's worth listening to. She's clear, real clear- with a mother lode of honesty and a voice as pure and light as it is strong." the summer show with Pie and was too hot for the yard...and Cafe Caffeine graciously hosted us! great opening music by Byrd and Street..with the amazing Greg Whitfield! then...watching the guitar players in the audience sit up to take notice of Eben's picking...and then move to see him better! With every ear turned towards Taylor Pie's voice... yeah, nothing's changed since back in the day in Corpus Christi...Taylor Pie is still the amazing voice of true folk and clear, pure lyrics...and Eben is still one of the best pickers around! hope you make a point to come listen...we'll have some fun! and finally, this wonderful duo will be playing right in our back yard at Webb House Concerts!
Mo McMorrow
Mo McMorrow is working on her new CD...she says she is so happy with the cameo performances of solo artists of Ray Bonneville, Gurf Morlix, Eliza Gilkyson, Cindy Cashdollar, and Sharon Shannon (Ireland) to name only some. She'll start us off with some of those new songs on Sunday, Nov 1.
Join us for the pot luck if you like, non alcoholic beverages provided, so bring your own adult beverage.
We love children! but at this concert, no kids under 12, thank you!
email for map and info

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