Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 28th, Jason Wilber!! he's in town with John Prine at the Bass Concert Hall on Feb 27th, and in our living room, possibly the back know Texas weather! on Sunday the 28th! (Limited seating if we are indoors.) DC Bloom will open, this will be a great, great show!!

March 28th, my buddy Donna Frost is in town, and the Jon Hogan Band will join her in the back yard!! Donna's shows are always a lively concert and Maria and Jon will just be icing on the cake! Donna also will be at the South Austin brain rehab while she's here, two shows! possibly Maria & Jon as well, more later...

April 25th, MJ Bishop & Steve Brooks, with Wyatt Easterling (Nashville - High Horse Records) coming in from Nashville with MJ...this is my birthday party! Looking forward to this one! but maybe not the birthday itself....

May 23rd...Austin's own George Ensle!! I'm really excited that my son is stationed close by to hear George's show this time, he enjoyed the videos of George's last show, sent by youtube to Iraq. George always has a superb show, and makes the birds dance behind him!

Summer and fall shaping up...Mizner and Smith will be back!! and Donna has negotiated her dream house concert with James Earl Stanley! I saw him last January, he is such a incredible showman! and Taylor Pie and Eben Wood will be back in the colored lights in the backyard probably in October!

Life is good at Webb House Concerts!

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  1. Hey, I want to bring a friend to see Jason tonight. Can I reserve 2 spots and I'll need a map. Please say "Yes".
    Margaret or