Thursday, April 15, 2010

Donna Frost and the Jon Hogan Band!!

Fabulous show, and loved meeting Maria, Jon and Ned and the folks that came to hear them! Always great to have Donna in the house, don't know who is happier, me or the Rose! she loves her Donna Frost!
Song circle went until 3 am!! I will not make coffee past midnight again, was really a great one, and yes, I know I say that every time, but that's the glory of song circles, it's always true! Patick D'eimon, Steve Brooks, Jeff Tevraas, Mo McMorrow, Donna of course, Allen Henderson...who else? I know I'm leaving someone out...but it was late when it broke up, poor little Rosie was out on the couch at 2 am, she's getting to be an old dog!
Jon and Maria did the TX Neuro Brain rehab the next day, with the kids...and I heard they were a real hit. Maria called to thank me for setting it up, as I told her it would be...the "best audience we've ever had"...those kids love our singer/songwriters showmen...and it takes somewhat of a seasoned showman with versatilty to do it...those kids know so many songs and they LOVE to sing along. I know most are atustic, but none are very introverted when that music starts!
Donna out to TX Neuro to the Bluebonnet Unit for the nursing patients...her first time in that unit. Her 30 minute show went to 90 minutes. The patients come and go for rehab, and if someone was rolled up in their chair, she couldn't leave, she kept singing. Our young man we've been watching..."the picker"...has his hands out of those bandages, but not alot of movement there....but he communicated enough to let Donna know that he had a guitar just like her Takamine ( I think that's it, I'm sure I'll hear if it's not!). I guess I see Leland, my nephew who did his rehab out there after his car accident, in that young man. Donna didn't sell a single CD, she just handed them out...made some happy patients! Our Picker worked as hard as he could to move his arms to read the cover! he can read!! A couple of other young men, in an older woman who sang every Patsy Cline song along with Donna.
Good people doing wonderful things at that rehab, and our singer/songwriters go there to make a good day for them...because in a brain rehab, being able to tell someone that you had a good day is sometimes all you get.

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