Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Webb House Concerts

Austin, Texas

2011 Schedule

Jan 23: Andrew McKnight (Chad Dughi open!)
Feb 27: Ken Gaines, Butch Morgan, James Hurley
March 27: Bradley Kopp & Lorrie Singer
May 1: Ladies w/Lyrics Jean Synodinos, Amanda Pearcy, Maria Moss
Sept 25: George Ensle, Bob Cheevers
Sept 30-Oct 3 SWRFA, Showcase Room w/ Puff Bunny Records
Oct 23: Bob Livingston

Right in my for reservations!

Many thanks to Bart and Cat Click of Sign Shack in Willis Texas for this amazing and well loved banner for Webb House Concerts !! It's going to look great behind some of the finest talent in the Austin area show after show...we so appreciate these good folks for supporting live music in Austin, Texas!! Find them at . They do everything! This particular logo was designed by T. Byrd here in Austin, but Bart and Cat do custom work...including logo design, making the signs and installation, truly a one stop marketing center.

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