Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Webb House Concerts MySpace

Just an update, we've discontinued Webb House Concerts myspace page, old and behind the times, and not keeping up with the landscape there just made it sad and shabby. You can find the same information, right here: Webb House Concerts on Facebook!

Videos from our shows and other miscellaneous subjects are on our YouTube Channel.

Discontinuing the myspace page hopefully will mean more blogs here on our shows, and other local events around town concerning our local and not so local musician buddies....

The fall, Texas heat or not...will be moving forward....Sept 10th our buddies Greg Whitfield and Taylor Pie will be at the Bugle Boy in La Grange!! This will "one of those shows"...two amazing talents swapping songs...hope to see a sold out house to start off Pie's Texas tour!

Webb House Concerts schedule:
Sept 25: George Ensle, Bob Cheevers
Sept 30-Oct 3 SWRFA, Showcase Room w/ Puff Bunny Records
Oct 23: Bob Livingston

South West Regional Folk Alliance Showcase room with Puff Bunny Records!!!
That hotel will be so jam full of talent, you best drop by to listen!

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